sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009


It's like a bag being filled with stuff. Some heavier than others. And it's filling up slowly. Until it's completely full and you still keep trying to stuff it. It starts to rupture. It rips apart and you try to sew it but you can't. It's broken beyond repair. It's never the same again. And everytime you try to put something inside the bag again you can't. It spills. And all is lost. Nothing is ever the same again. You are never the same again.

Do you think it's ok for me to cry now? That is something I can easily do nowadays.
I can't describe it any better.

I have a friend (who is actually exceptionally bright) that says writing is good. It helps you to ease. Well, that's easy to say when you can write as easily as you drink a glass of water and have exceptional ability to express your feelings by writing!...
I guess nobody is expecting you to be the next Nobel Prize of Literature. And when you write to yourself it really doesn't matter wether your writing is confusing and poor at all. Freud himself wasn't a good writer and he did publish a book by his hand.

These days it appears ANYONE can write a book and publish it which is odd and wrong in so many ways! Are we diminishing literature's value? What about KNOWLEDGE and TALENT??
GOD the World is upside down. Nothing makes sense anymore... It's all too fast. It all changes too fast, it's like we can't keep up with it. When is it all going to end? Technology moves too fast, children and adolescents grow WAY TOO fast, LIFE evolves too fast. We are teaching the children they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, without any kind of rules. What kind of adults are they going to be? There are no ethical or moral boundaries, no values, no Superego. There's no respect towards others. And the example comes from above. From those in empowered positions. It's just plain wrong... What happens now?

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euporcá disse...

Eu também já estou a ficar com o saco cheio de muita coisa, depois rebenta, ou já vai rebentando às vezes...
Não sei se devo citar nomes, mas umas das pessoas mais ricas do local onde eu trabalho, chegou ao meu gabinete, esteve a falar comigo e com o meu irmão principalmente e a meio da conversa ele disse que esta juventude não está habituada a lutar por nada e a ter tudo, e só quer luxos e prazer, mais nada. "Onde vai parar esta juventude"! Eu não sou assim, e não queria ser, mas para ser sincero, às vezes tenho inveja da vida deles olhando para a minha! por aqui me fico a pensar nisto tudo e não só (reflexão)